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Synchronization with Panopto for Students
Synchronization with Panopto for Students
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Are you a part of a university using Jamworks and Panopto? Great news! You can seamlessly integrate your Panopto recordings with Jamworks for enhanced accessibility and productivity.

Ensure Organizational-Level Integration: It's crucial to ensure that your university administrator has configured an organizational-level Panopto integration in Jamworks. If this hasn't been done yet, you can direct them to our comprehensive guide here for detailed instructions.

Personalized Level Integration: If organizational-level integration isn't available at your university, don't worry! You can still integrate your Panopto account with Jamworks using our personalized level integration guide here.

Follow these simple steps to enable synchronization:

  1. Login to your Jamworks Account at

  2. Click your name or avatar in the top right and select - Synchronization (

  3. Click the "Synchronize with Panopto" button

  4. You will be forwarded to the page where you need to input your Panopto credentials to sign in.

    That's it! Your Panopto account is now synced with Jamworks. Enjoy the convenience of accessing all your Panopto recordings directly within Jamworks, along with the added benefits of AI-generated materials, transcripts, summaries, key points, and more.

    To sync past Panopto recordings with Jamworks, simply click the "Select past recordings to sync" button.

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