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Uni portal - Connecting Panopto
Uni portal - Connecting Panopto
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Jamworks provides university administration with the ability to connect their education institution's Panopto account to Jamworks on the portal level. After it's done, your students will be able to link their Panopto accounts to Jamworks in almost 1 click!

To establish an institution-level connection you'll need to:

  1. create an API client in your institution's Panopto admin account to be used by Jamworks

  2. add your Panopto API client credentials to your Jamworks account

Creating an API client in Panopto

  1. Login to your Panopto account

  2. Click on your avatar in the top right and tap on "User settings"

  3. In your user settings please proceed to API Client

  4. You may see no existing API clients there. We'll ask you to create one. To do this please click the "Create a new API Client" button.

  5. You'll see the new API Client form opened:

  6. Please fill the form with the following data:

    a) Client name = Jamworks

    b) Client Type = Server-side Web Application (will be selected automatically)

    c) CORS Origin URL =

  7. Click the "Create API Client" button and don't close the window! You'll need to copy the data from it to Jamworks.

Adding Panopto API Client details to your Jamworks Organization account

  1. Login to your Jamworks Organization Account at

  2. Click on Settings in the left menu

4. In the Integration Settings click on the New Integration button

5. Fill the form with the following data:

That's it! After that, the Panopto integration will be available for all members of the organization.

All they have to do is click on the Synchronize with Panopto button in their own Jamworks profile, you can also share the following guide with them - Guide for Students

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