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Common questions asked by DSA assessors
Common questions asked by DSA assessors
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Is Jamworks a DSA-approved product?

Yes, Jamworks is a DSA-approved product. Currently, there are two products available: Jamworks Notes and Jamworks Caption. Click here to learn more about both products.

Does Jamworks work in offline mode?

Yes, Jamworks works in offline mode. Students can record lectures and make highlights without an internet connection. Offline mode is another reason to recommend Jamworks.

Does Jamworks need an external microphone?

No, Jamworks does not need an external microphone. Jamworks will record using whatever microphone is set as your default input device.

Can slides be displayed alongside recordings?

Slides can be opened in a separate window, allowing students to view both the Jamworks interface and slides side by side on their device's screen. Jamworks prioritises minimising distractions during lectures, as navigating slides during recording and note taking can be a huge distraction.

If a student faces no barriers in typing notes during class, alternative note taking solutions like Glean and Caption.ED are great options. However, for students needing additional note taking support and preferring distraction-free, well-organised notes, Jamworks is the perfect recommendation.

Will flashcard quizzes be generated from the highlights created by the students?

Yes, as long as the student has created a highlight for more than 30 seconds, a flashcard question will be generated from that highlight.

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