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Managing Licenses in Portal
Managing Licenses in Portal
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Jamworks provides university administration with capabilities to manage licenses for their students so that they can provide access to Jamworks without the need to contact the Jamworks team.

We're happy to introduce Jamworks Portal, which provides the following capabilities:

  1. Invite more admins to help you manage the students

  2. Provide students with access to Jamworks within the number of licenses that have been purchased by the university

  3. Remove student's access to the university license

  4. Review the list of students, who are currently using your university licenses

1. Accessing the portal

To access the portal, you should sign in to using the portal admin account which has been provided to you by the Jamworks team. To get it, you should have passed the email you want to use as an admin one.

Keep in mind that if you had the Jamworks account on this email before, you'll need to use your existing Jamworks email (if you don't remember it, please use forgot password capability). If not, Jamworks team manager will provide you with the password as well.

2. Providing students with the license

To provide the license to the student, please fill the form to create a new member:

  1. Click "Add members" link

  2. See the new form opened, and fill it by putting in the email of the student you want to provide the license to:

  3. Assuming the student you're adding hasn't used Jamworks yet, i.e. doesn't have an account with us yet, click the suggested tip below. Alternatively it will show your student account, and you'll be able to select them:

  4. For the students, who are new to Jamworks we'll ask you to fill their First Name and Last Name. Please click Add after you've filled the following fields for the new student.

  5. You can add more students you want to provide licenses with, or just click "Add" to add the ones you've already listed in the form.

  6. After providing the licenses, different users will have different ways of accepting the license:

    1. if the user didn't have an account before, they'll get an email to set the password to their new Jamworks account

    2. for the existing user, they'll see the uni plan assigned to them right away

Keep in mind, that the form won't work and will return an error if the maximum number of licenses/seats has been already reached with your university portal.

3. Reviewing the students you've provided licenses with

To see the students who currently have the licenses, view members at

4. Removing the license from the student

To remove the license from the student, please follow the following steps:

  1. Navigate the list of users with the licenses of your university at

  2. Click on More icon (...) under the student that you'd like to remove the license

  3. Click on the option to delete the participant, and confirm your choice in the following dialog box.

  4. You'll see the message on "User is deleted successfully" and the following student will be removed from your institutional license. This means that the user doesn't have a paid for license any more and you will have one more spare license to assign.

  5. When removing a license from a student, this doesn't delete their account, it just removes their premium features. Their account will be downgraded to a Free plan.

Keep in mind, that you can provide licenses to students that you've previously unassigned a license.

5. Adding new admin

We know that managing students is an important task, which takes time and effort. That's why Jamworks team is happy to allow you organization portal admins to add other admins. To do it please follow the instructions below:

  1. Navigate to the Settings section, and find the link to the Users page there. Please click on it to access the users management module.

  2. Please click "Create user" or just navigate to url of the new user creation page

  3. On the new users form, please fill the following fields:

    1. First name of the new admin

    2. Last name of the new admin

    3. Email of the new admin (please select their email in the auto-suggestion form to confirm either it's a new user, or the new admin already has a Jamworks account)

    4. Fill in their password if the user is new to Jamworks. Please keep in mind the field won't show up if the new admin already has an existing Jamworks account.

    5. Click the "Create user" button to see the new admin added.

  4. After you've created an admin, you can edit their info or even remove them. Keep in mind that all admins of the organization have the same permissions within your organization portal.

6. Importing students using CSV import

Jamworks is happy to introduce the ability to make bulk import of students to the portal to allow you to spend less time manually adding each person to the organization to assign them the license.

To do it please follow the following steps:

  1. Click "Import CSV" button in the top right corner

  2. Please fill the csv template with your students' information. Here is the template for that: students import CSV. You'll need to provide email, First name, and Last name for every student. Please keep the type value equal to "participant" for every user.

  3. After you have *.CSV with your students, please upload it and see the system to show you the results of the file check:

  4. Hopefully, all your students (members) can be added, just click "Add members" button, and students from the file will be automatically invited one after another. If issues occur, please click into logs to understand what the problem is there. Alternatively, please reach out to us using our live support chat in the bottom right.

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