How do I use Jamworks to create flashcards for me?

Quizzes are only available in the Pro and DSA plans.


The Jamworks AI will generate Q&A flashcards for you, so that you can quiz yourself on your lecture highlights. It works by summarising your recording transcript, and then feeding it to our AI engine to generate questions and answers related to the content.


After you've recorded your lecture, login to your Jamworks account, and select the recording you want to revise:



You will need to create highlights that are longer than 20 seconds to generate quiz questions. If you have highlights already, click on 'Start quiz' to launch your flashcards. If you haven't created any highlights yet, click on 'Add highlights' to start creating them.



After clicking 'Start quiz', the Jamworks AI will create a series of flashcards based on the information you highlighted. You can click 'Show answer' to reveal the answer to the question. Click 'Watch highlight' to view the part of the recording that discussed the topic. Click 'Next' to move to the next question.




Create more highlights to generate more quiz questions!


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