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JamAI Language Support
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At Jamworks, we understand the importance of linguistic diversity in learning. That's why JamAI, our AI-powered chat assistant, supports a wide range of languages to cater to the needs of students from various linguistic backgrounds. Our platform ensures that language is never a barrier to your education.

Even if your lecture recording is in a language different from your native one, you can still engage with JamAI in your preferred language. For instance, if your recording is in English but you feel more comfortable communicating in Spanish, you can ask JamAI questions in Spanish, and it will respond comprehensively in the same language.

Here's an example:

Below is a list of languages supported by JamAI:

  1. Albanian, Albania

  2. Arabic, Arab World

  3. Armenian, Armenia

  4. Awadhi, India

  5. Azerbaijani, Azerbaijan

  6. Bashkir, Russia

  7. Basque, Spain

  8. Belarusian, Belarus

  9. Bengali, Bangladesh

  10. Bhojpuri, India

  11. Bosnian, Bosnia and Herzegovina

  12. Brazilian Portuguese, Brazil

  13. Bulgarian, Bulgaria

  14. Cantonese (Yue), China

  15. Catalan, Spain

  16. Chhattisgarhi, India

  17. Chinese, China

  18. Croatian, Croatia

  19. Czech, Czech Republic

  20. Danish, Denmark

  21. Dogri, India

  22. Dutch, Netherlands

  23. English, United Kingdom

  24. Estonian, Estonia

  25. Faroese, Faroe Islands

  26. Finnish, Finland

  27. French, France

  28. Galician, Spain

  29. Georgian, Georgia

  30. German, Germany

  31. Greek, Greece

  32. Gujarati, India

  33. Haryanvi, India

  34. Hindi, India

  35. Hungarian, Hungary

  36. Indonesian, Indonesia

  37. Irish, Ireland

  38. Italian, Italy

  39. Japanese, Japan

  40. Javanese, Indonesia

  41. Kannada, India

  42. Kashmiri, India

  43. Kazakh, Kazakhstan

  44. Konkani, India

  45. Korean, South Korea

  46. Kyrgyz, Kyrgyzstan

  47. Latvian, Latvia

  48. Lithuanian, Lithuania

  49. Macedonian, North Macedonia

  50. Maithili, India

  51. Malay, Malaysia

  52. Maltese, Malta

  53. Mandarin, China

  54. Mandarin Chinese, China

  55. Marathi, India

  56. Marwari, India

  57. Min Nan, China

  58. Moldovan, Moldova

  59. Mongolian, Mongolia

  60. Montenegrin, Montenegro

  61. Nepali, Nepal

  62. Norwegian, Norway

  63. Oriya, India

  64. Pashto, Afghanistan

  65. Persian (Farsi), Iran

  66. Polish, Poland

  67. Portuguese, Portugal

  68. Punjabi, India

  69. Rajasthani, India

  70. Romanian, Romania

  71. Russian, Russia

  72. Sanskrit, India

  73. Santali, India

  74. Serbian, Serbia

  75. Sindhi, Pakistan

  76. Sinhala, Sri Lanka

  77. Slovak, Slovakia

  78. Slovene, Slovenia

  79. Slovenian, Slovenia

  80. Ukrainian, Ukraine

  81. Urdu, Pakistan

  82. Uzbek, Uzbekistan

  83. Vietnamese, Vietnam

  84. Welsh, Wales

  85. Wu, China

Feel free to engage with JamAI in any of these languages to enhance your learning experience. No matter where you're from or what language you speak, our AI chat assistant is here to help you understand and engage with your content effectively.

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