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I still write notes by hand, how can Jamworks help me?
I still write notes by hand, how can Jamworks help me?
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Jamworks has developed the same functionality as the desktop widget into iOS and Android applications. The mobile applications provide additional functionality to upload handwritten notes after the session, even if you were using the desktop widget during your meeting.

Follow these steps to upload your handwritten notes to your meeting:

  1. You will see your meeting in the dashboard on your Jamworks mobile app, click on the Add Notes button at the bottom of the screen

  2. Click on the camera button at the bottom left of the screen

  3. Here select whether you want to take a photo of your notes, or take this opportunity to upload any other content that you would like to attach to the meeting

  4. Click the Upload all Notes button at the bottom of the screen. They'll be uploaded straight to your meeting so you can find your notes later in the Jamworks Console!


    As we write this post, we're working on amazing OCR (Optical Character Recognition) functionality, so that your handwritten notes will be converted into text too! This will allow for your handwritten notes to be searchable so you can always get back to the meeting that mattered.

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