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How do I watch my recordings?
How do I watch my recordings?
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The Jamworks dashboard is where all of your lecture content lives. Here you'll be able to relive your lectures, view the highlights that you captured with the app, read the transcriptions and summaries, and create revision quizzes.

When you view a recording, all your lecture materials are found here, including the media player, your highlights, notes, and transcripts.

On the right-hand side of your dashboard, you will see your highlights. Here you can click on individual highlights to play them; read the transcript and summary; and rename or delete them.

At the top of your recording screen you will see the recording information. Here you will be able to rename the recording.

You are able to share individual highlights, and your top bar gives you the ability to share the entire recording should you wish.

This generates a sharing link, - you have full control over how long this link is active for. If for whatever reason you want to disable the access to the shared highlight, just click on the Stop Sharing button and it will kill the sharing link provided.

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