How do universities use Jamworks?

Academics record their lectures on Jamworks so that students can access lecture content after a session is over



But Jamworks is more than just a lecture capture tool...


When a lecture recording is started, all the students in the class receive an invite on the Jamworks app on their mobile phone. This gives them the power to connect to the lecture, and highlight important information live in the class.


Students can take notes at the touch of a button by creating clips, which are transcribed in to text by the Jamworks AI. Students can now flag points of interests to review later and highlight key segments of information, resulting in a playlist that makes recapping a one hour a lecture a 10 minute task.


Students can use lecture clips to recap the content, make new clips, upload a picture of written notes, view the full transcript of the lecture, and much much more with Jamworks.




Lecturers finally have full control over how their content is distributed, by enforcing strict permissions on lecture recordings. Teaching staff can also add additional documents to the session to help students with wider learning.


Jamworks is a fully inclusive and accessible Learning Enhancement Platform built to serve the needs of students. It's our mission to drive engagement, boost productivity and allow student attainment to soar.

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