Recording a Lecture in Lite Mode

Open the Jamworks app by double clicking on the icon (this should be on your Desktop)

You will now see a list of modules. Chose the appropriate module for your lecture, and hit 'Start recording now'. This will automatically invite all the students in your class.



Chose which screen you would like to record, and click 'share'



Next, chose to record just your screen, or your screen and camera, by using the dropdown. You can chose your recording resolution here too.


If you would like to record using a camera, chose the appropriate device from the dropdown menu. By default it will select your webcam if you have one connected.


Hit 'Start Session' to start recording your lecture.

While you're recording, you can turn off the camera anytime by clicking on the green slider. Click 'Pause' at the bottom of the widget to stop capturing audio, camera input, and your screen.


To finish your lecture, click the 'End Session' button.

Make sure to wait for your recording to be uploaded before closing the Jamworks app! Track the progress using the blue bar at the top of your widget...


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