All your recorded sessions are saved and available to you and selected groups of students in the Jamworks web app. Even if someone missed your lecture live, they can access the recorded session at any time and catch up.


Viewing recorded sessions

To view your recorded sessions, simply head to the Jamworks web app, and select Sessions from the top pane menu.


This page contains the list of all your sessions. From here, you can:

- sort the list of sessions

- search sessions

- delete sessions

- upload video or audio files saved on your PC to add to the list of sessions

- launch the Jamworks widget to quickly start recording a lecture (this option is available on all Jamworks pages)


Updating the session name

By default, the session name consists of the date and time the lecture’s been started. The name can be edited right during the session as well as updated later, after the lecture has been ended and saved in Jamworks storage.

Note that the updated session name is immediately displayed for all students who have access to the lecture.

To change the recorded session name:

- Open your Jamworks web app, and select Sessions from the top navigation menu.

- From the list of sessions, select the required session to open the details.

- On the session details screen, click the Edit icon against the session name.


- Select the current text, then type in the required name and click the green check mark to save it.


- The updated session name is now saved in the recording and displayed for the students.

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