How to record a lecture using Jamworks


You can use the Jamworks desktop application to record lectures. This will save the recording in your Jamworks account to review later, or share with your class.

To ensure the best quality possible, we recommend not using the headset plugged into your laptop when running recordings with Jamworks.

Starting the recording

Launch your Jamworks app by double-clicking the Jamworks icon on your desktop.

Once opened, click Quick start.



Now, set up the saving and sharing options:


Where would you like to save the recording?

From the drop-down list, select your Institution account. Note that if you choose a personal account, it won’t be possible to share your recording with students.


Select the group to share the recording with

From the drop-down list, select your class module. These modules correspond to the courses in the institution Canvas account. This will invite all the members of your class to make highlights from their mobile or laptop.


Select the recording resolution, and click Start recording. This initiates a video recording of your screen and audio recording.


You can now start the lecture as usual. All students in the class can now join the recording on Jamworks using their mobile apps to create notes and highlight important information.


Pausing audio and video streams

When your recording is started and running, you have the option to stop and resume both audio and video recording:

- The Mute Audio option mutes your microphone (while screen capture continues). 

- The Stop Capturing option stops recording of your screen (while audio recording continues). 


You can press both buttons simultaneously to stop video and audio capture.


Ending the recording

To end the recording, click End recording. In the confirmation window, click End



After you end your recording, make sure to wait until it is completely uploaded to Jamworks storage (the recording is being uploaded along the live recording with natural delay, so the upload might take some time even after the recording is ended).

Once the upload is completed, the recording name and progress bar will disappear from the app.


❗It is very important to ensure that the upload is completed before you close the Jamworks app. If you exit the app before the recording is uploaded, the recording may not be uploaded.

The recorded file is saved in your Jamworks account in the Recordings section.

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