How to use Jamworks in a lecture

If your lecturer is recording their class with Jamworks, you can join the recording and start creating highlights.

You can join in two ways:

- using your Jamworks mobile app invite

- using the shared QR code


Joining via mobile app invite

Perhaps, the simplest and fastest way for you to join is to use your Jamworks mobile app directly. When a recording is started, you will see the notification in your dashboard. All you need to do is tap Join.



Joining via QR code scan

You can also scan the QR code which is created every time your lecturer starts a recording. Ask your teacher to hover over the QR code in the top right-hand corner of their widget to enlarge the code.


In your Jamworks app, head to the dashboard, and click the QR code scanner in the top right-hand corner shown in the screenshot below. Once you scan the code, you'll join the recording.


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