What do the buttons do?

The Jamworks widget features all of the controls that you'll need to start tracking your content during any kind of sessions - video calls, conferences, events or lectures.


Master controls

There are three main control buttons on the widget which actively highlight clips dependent on the button that you click, these buttons are described below:


Here is the highlight button. You can use this to start highlighting something important - for example useful information for an assessment. Tap it to start highlighting, and click it again to end the highlight.



Point of Interest (POI) - you can use this button to drop a pin on important sections of your lectures. This marks a 10-second clip (5 seconds before and 5 seconds after you clicked the button) which you can refer back to after the session. You can also use the POI button while you're actively highlighting a segment with the highlight button too.


memory.png Trackback, your lifesaver. If your lecturer has moved to a new topic and you were daydreaming a little, that topic could be 45 seconds in once you realise its super important, so hit the trackback button 3 times (or as many as you need) to jump back in 15-second increments, and start highlight from where you left off.


Capture controls

The Jamworks widget allows you to choose what you want to record. By default it captures your screen content and audio. To change this you can 'Mute Audio' or 'Stop Capturing'...


Mute Audio

By clicking this button, the Jamworks widget will just capture your screen content, it won't track any audio (ambient or machine-generated) so you'll just be left with silent video clips.


Stop Capturing

By clicking this button, the Jamworks widget will just capture the audio (ambient and machine-generated), it won't track any screen content so you'll just be left with audio clips after the session.


Ad-hoc controls

Both the Mute Audio and Stop Capturing buttons can be triggered during the session, so at any point, during a recording you can stop capturing the audio or video.




Your clip playlist from the session is displayed towards the bottom of the widget, this will show you every clip that you've highlighted with any of the control buttons. All clips can be renamed live during the lecture, all clips can also be deleted by clicking on the trash icon on the right of the clip.


By clicking on the pencil on any clip you load the clip editor, here you can name your clips so that you have an added layer of categorisation and also add tags to organise your clips. This will help you search for your clips later on.

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